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Dreaming of Saying "I Do" in far off lands? or exchanging your vows in Chicago, the city of breezy romance and bustling energy? Then I'd love nothing more than to embark on this grand expedition with you. 

Picture this: Capturing your love in its most authentic form. No scripts, just the genuine essence of your connection anywhere your heart desires! Be it the sunkissed shores of Bali, the bustling streets of Paris, or the quiet intimacy of your hometown, the world is our playground.

I'm a strong believer in the fact that no two love stories are the same, and that's why I believe in crafting a bespoke experience that mirrors your unique journey. From the grandest details to subtle nuances, I'm dedicated to tailoring your wedding tale to fit your dreams and desires, ensuring every moment reflects your distinctive love story. 

Booking Timeline

Love at first connection
Our story begins with you simply filling out our contact form. Then we will engage in a delightful chat, learning about your dreams, desires, and the wondrous details of your wedding.
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frequently Asked Questions 

Do you travel?
Absolutely! I love to travel for weddings. Whether it's a short drive or a plane ride away, I'm always ready to hop in a car or board a flight to capture your special day in any location you choose.
Do you shoot film?

Yes, I do offer film photography as an option for couples. Film has a timeless quality that some couples adore, and I'm more than happy to accommodate that choice for those who appreciate its unique aesthetic.
Should we book an engagement Session?
I would highly recommend that you do. Engagement sessions are not just a moment captured; they're a magical chapter in your love story, and I'm all about encouraging this enchanted prelude to your wedding tale.
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Let us tell your love story

If you're seeking enchanting, romantic fine art imagery paired with a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed process, you're in for a treat! Let's arrange a consultation to see if we're a match made in heaven.
Kindly be advised that we only accept a limited number of weddings each year to guarantee a truly customized experience for every couple.
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