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5 Reasons You need an Engagement Session

POP THE CHAMPAGNE! You’re ENGAGED! First of all, HUGEE congratulations to you both! What an exciting time of love and celebration!

Now it’s time to start planning for your engagement pictures. There are lots of reasons and benefits for scheduling your photos and here are few!

1. It’s an important milestone in your relationship

The constant wondering of when the proposal is coming, or whether or not that'll say yes, is over and now you can celebrate that!

It's no secret that wedding planning can be extremely stressful at times. With a million and one decisions having to be made from the guest lists to the type of flowers, the decision to include taking engagement pictures should be an easy one. All the pressure if off and It's just about you and the love of your life having fun and celebrating this exciting time!

2. Build Trust + Connection with your photographer

Your engagement pictures are an extremely important way to spend time with the person who is going to capturing you most important day of your life! (psst! that's a hugee deal!) You going to wanna make sure your personalities mesh well and what it's like to work with them.

You also get to see first hand how they photograph you and your partner. Us photographers get to see how you and your two interact with one another and it helps us to be able to photograph you in the most authentic way!

3. Flexibility

When it comes to your wedding day, we're 100% at the weather's mercy, If it decides to snow, rain, hail etc. we're still shooting because your guests are already there and took time off of work to be there and to celebrate with you. However, your engagement pictures don't have to be that way. We can chase the perfect lighting for your pictures, and you also get flexibility over the location! Is your favorite time winter? Let's have a photoshoot in the winter! I l got a coat and gloves? love flower? Spring and summer would be perfect! Want those beautiful autumn leaves? I'm here for it all!

4. Helps you become more comfortable with the camera

Chances are your wedding is the most photographed day of your entire life and what better way to prevent stiff, awkward looking photos of you and the love of your life by using your engagement pictures as practice.

As a photographer I often meet with couples that are extremely nervous about the fact they don't know how to pose but they don't want boring pictures and my job is to ease their minds and help them feel incredibly comfortable and fall in love with their pictures.

5. You can use your Engagement Pictures on Your Save The Dates and Invitations

Okay, okay, sure the two of you probably have a lot of pictures all over your instagram, but with how much effort you're putting into every single detail planning your wedding do you really wanna cut corners with your pictures? Your pictures will show your most authentic side of your relationship to be able to introduce your fiancé to family members they have never met before!

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