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Where Ethereal meets  timeless:

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We take timeless, personal, and elegant photographs you'll treasure forever


THANK YOU! you really captured our love doing our favorite winter date night. THANK YOU!! x a million! What a gift you have

-Ellie and Blake

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From our


"Had a great time doing an engagement photoshoot with Ari, she’s very creative and patient and puts everyone at ease right away! We had a blast!
                                              Ashi and Bipen
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Behind  The Lens

I'm Ari Tshihamba

In a world of fleeting fashions, passing vogues, I stand as your visual storyteller capturing your moments that transcends time. Inspired by the romance and authenticity of film photography, my style doesn't flirt with trends, but rather it dances with the elegance of light and the airy embrace of timelessness, all infused with the effervescent joy of your special day.

I craft more than just your photos, I sculpt the first chapters of your eternal family heirlooms, preserving the essence of your love story in timeless, joy-filled frames

Featured Journal 

Is a first look Perfect for you? Pros and Cons of a first look

Your Wedding Day should be as authentic to you and your spouse as possible, I am nearly here to capture it for you and allow you to relive it for years to come. With that said, I don't influence my couples to do a first look! However if you are undecided on whether a first look if for you, I've complied a list below to showcase the pros and cons in order to help you gain a little more clarity.

The Ari Tshihamba


If you're someone who dreams in fashion, lives for details, finds solace in exploring new horizons, and sees love as the ultimate masterpieces, let's weave a whimsical narrative that speaks volumes of your unique masterpiece. 

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